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What is a community?

Posted by Zsolt in Community


A community is a group of people living in the same geographical location, working to achieve a common goal or sharing the same interest. A prerequisite of any community is that its members have something in common. Most of the time however, our participation in communities is not the result of conscious decisions. For example, we just happen to be born British, American or Hungarian which is our national community. Our participation in professional or informal communities is the result of a series of accidents more often than our own choice. With the advent of virtual communities this is about to change. We get to chose which online communities we want to be part of.

Virtual Communities

Online communities have some big advantages over traditional communities. One of these is that geographical obstacles are eliminated and therefore the size of an online community is only limited by the technology it uses.

Another advantage is that we get to chose how much we reveal of our true identities and have the option to stay anonymous. We should always keep in mind though, that uploading pictures of ourselves and providing as much information as possible will increase our chances of making new friends and getting help when we need it.

A third advantage of online communities is that we can share our experience, take part in discussions, learn new things, find answers to specific questions and get immediate feedback without leaving the comfort of our homes.

Why contribute?

More and more online communities spring up that are built around specific fields of interest. A dog community for example provides its members with an opportunity to find the answer to literally any question about dogs. This will of course only work if people contribute to the community. By contributing you not only help the whole community, but you also help yourself as you gain recognition. The more you contribute the easier it becomes for you to use the resources of the community when you need to.

The global dog community that we are building here at DogZoom is based on these very principles. We want to create a knowledge base which allows you to find answers to all your questions in one place in your own native language without having to search the web for hours. The availability of shared knowledge and understanding of dogs will lead to improved dog breeding and ownership.

Join our community to help people, dogs and yourself!