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How to use community sites to your advantage

Posted by Zsolt in Community

In recent years most internet users realized the significance of online communication and cooperation. Still, many of us could benefit from a summary of how to make the most of online communities.

1. Your contribution is appreciated

By taking part in discussions and answering questions you help the whole community. At the same time you encourage others to contribute too.

2. Rate other members’ contributions

Whenever you rate a photo, video or comment on a community site, you make it easier for other people to differentiate between valuable and less valuable information.

3. Have a question? Feel free to ask

Use your community as a resource. The best way of getting answers to your questions is consulting people within your community. Even your most difficult questions can be answered this way, especially if you are an active contributor.

4. Share your knowledge and experience

You can increase your authority and recognition in your community by sharing your own experience related to specific issues.

5. Make friends, interact with people

The more friends you have on a community site, the more likely it is you will get help when you need it.

6. Upload photos

Don’t be shy to show what you are proud of. Pictures of your dog will make a lot of other dog lovers happy.

+1 Find the golden mean

It is easy to find yourself immersed in the world of community sites. Hours can pass by without taking notice of it. As long as you spend more time with your dog outdoors than you spend in front of the computer, you are safe.