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Buying a puppy

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We received a mail from a young lady in Germany with details of her doubts and the difficulties she keept running into trying to buy a dog. It was not the first time we have heard what a challenge such a supposedly simple action can be.  We thought we should share this with our community and see if you went through the same hassle or found a way around it.

Her first problem was deciding about the right breed for her family. She was concerned about the dog being left alone during the day and above all the safety of her children. She spent days researching the internet and found that there was no single website, which could provide all the information she needed to make a responsible decision. She had to visit lots of different sites and put the bits and pieces of information together to come near to chosing the right breed. After this tedious process, she still was not absolutely sure so she decided to play it safe and get a Labrador, which is well known for its friendliness towards people and children.

Once she had the breed chosen, it was time to find a trusted breeder and the right puppy. She had no clue how to start, where to look. She asked around her friends, but had no positive response. Then she went online and found a myriad of ads offering puppies for sale, but she could not find one that she would feel comfortable buying from. As she was searching, she bumped into an article about nigerian scammers which made her even more reluctant.

She was about to give up when she got a call from a friend of a friend recommending a reputable breeder. She bought the puppy, and the family is very happy about it, but their difficulties did not end here. They had trouble finding a veterinarian in the are and they didn’t know who to ask for advice on dog food and training.

Have you had similar experience?

As this story proves, buying a puppy may not be as simple and easy as it seems. Please share your experience whether buying your puppy was really hard or easy so that future dog owners can learn from your it!

Dog or Human?

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“As a result of the latest technological developments, turning dogs into humans will soon become a reality…” This might have been an appropriate line to start this post with if we were to prepare the ground for some kind of a sensation. Fortunately, that is not the case. However, this idea may not be as far fetched as it sounds. Can it be possibly true that dog owners have started the process of turning dogs into humans already? Let us see where the truth lies.

Dogs Treated as Humans

Dog or Human?

Leo, the Neapolitan Gangster Mastiff. Contribution of Steve Palmer.

There are lots of myths around in all fields of life. Let’s take a look the most widespread misconceptions in the dog world that tend to polarize public opinion.

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Why is Dog Man’s best Friend?

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To answer that question, first we have to look into how and why dogs became man’s best friend in ancient times several thousands of years ago.

Dog with a BoyIn ancient times dogs and humans both had to overcome the challenges of finding food and keeping warm to stay alive. Man probably had an advantage because he discovered how to harness the warmth of fire and being omnivorous he could gather food as well as hunt. On the other hand dogs’ only source of food was hunting because they were predators.

When the weather got really tough, freezing temperatures drove dogs close to humans as they had fire to keep them warm. Even if early dogs looked at man as food they quickly learned that they could not keep the fire alive, they needed people to do that. Also, the pray that man caught for food contained parts, for example bones, that were indigestible for humans, but dogs ate them with pleasure.

As humans got used to having dogs around they must have noticed dogs’ outstanding abilities and started using them in their hunting quests. This cooperation seems to have benefited both races greatly.

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Welcome to the official DogZoom blog!

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You are reading the very first DogZoom blog post, which has been inspired by the countless emails asking us to provide a bit more information on what DogZoom is all about.

DogZoom's mascot: ZeeWhen we set out to build DogZoom two years ago, we did it because we realized that the dog world was missing something. It was missing a communication channel that would also help people who were looking to buy a dog. It was missing a platform that would encourage responsible dog breeding and ownership and would utilize the synergy of a truly international dog community.

With the arrival of DogZoom that is all about to change. Without revealing too much too soon, let me tell you that DogZoom will be the place for responsible breeders to sell their puppies but never lose sight of them, for dog owners to reunite with their dog’s families, for dog professionals to share their experience and for every dog lover to form a community, share information and have fun. All this in 15 languages to start with.

In order to make this a reality we need your contribution as well. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the hundreds of people who joined our Facebook fan page, uploaded photos of their dogs and gave us feedback. This is what we would like all of you out there to do. Become active members of our community, by posting photos and comments, taking part in discussions and giving us feedback in every way possible. After all, our goal is to create something that pleases you and your dog.

In this blog, we will keep you posted with latest news and developments of our community and website on a weekly basis. You can also follow us on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook to stay up to date.