How to submit your breed info

Below, you will find the criterions your submission must fulfill in order to be approved and published:

1. Find out which breeds we are still expecting submissions for.

2. Download the document to fill in.

3. Watch a video to find out where your submission will be published.

Write your breed info

We can accept original content only. Please do not submit texts that have been published either online or in print format before.

  • Fill in column ‘B’, do not modify column ‘A’.
  • Write the name of the breed in the first row.
  • Put any other names that the breed is known for in row 2-4  (one name per cell please).
  • Use paragraphs to structure the text. Separate paragraphs by empty lines.

General appearance“: based on the standard in your own words, in an easy to understand style, 200-400 words, 2-3 paragraphs.

History“: the history of the breed, also 200-400 words, 2-3 paragraphs


  • All you have to do now is send the document to Tibor Berényi.
  • To win one of our smashing giveaways, just post a comment with your name, kennel, breed and country here.


If you have good quality photos of the breed attach them to your submission. If your photos get selected and published, the whole world will see your dogs when they visit the Breed Info page. We accept photos that can be described as:

  • perfect quality: not blurred, sharp, landscape view, at least 150Kb and 800×600 resolution
  • the dog stands alone: there are no people or other dogs in the picture
  • profile shot: dog looking into the camera, typical breed traits showing off
  • taken in a green (possibly grass) environment, without distracting objects in the back or foreground. If your photo was not taken on grass, but meets all the other requirements, you are welcome to send it.

Spread the word

If you have any friends who you think could add value to this community effort, invite them to take part and win one of the cool prizes.

Have fun and thank you very much for your participation!

The story does not end here…

As you must have noticed, the document you have downloaded contains more categories. If you have the time to stick a 2-3 sentence explanation to each one, you will find some more helpful tips here.