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DogZoom is coming soon and we want to bring you the most comprehensive Breed Info section containing the general description of 360 breeds in as many languages as possible. We realize that this huge undertaking will only come true with a community effort.

This is why we invite you to take part in the Breed Info Challenge and describe the breed(s) you have a passion for.

What will you and the dog world get out of this?

  • The first 100 participants will get a LIFE TIME FREE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP on DogZoom.
  • Your name will be published along with your Breed Info, proving your expertise and dedication.
  • A massive resource base will be created to serve the millions interested in dogs.
  • Win some awesome gifts!

Before jumping in, get a taste of DogZoom and the Breed Info section where your submission will be published. If you are up for the challenge, have a look at the prizes below and click on the big orange button to get started.

Prizes to win

The first 100 submitters automatically receive their LIFE TIME FREE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP. On top of that,  we are giving away 5 DogZoom mugs and 10 floating chairs in the course of the Challenge. Winners will be selected randomly from participants who submit a breed info and post a comment below.



Get Started

Please note:

  • The Breed Info Challenge ends with 31st January 28th February 2010.
  • Floating chairs and cups will be given away if we receive at least 100 submissions.
  • Winners will be determined by a random generator.
  • The free life time premium membership applies to approved submissions.
  • Only participants who submitted their Breed Info and posted a comment can participate.
  • Make sure that you fill your e-mail in the comment field correctly, so we can contact you afterwards.
  • Name and country of residence of winners will be shown on this blog.

58 Responses to “The Breed Info Challenge”

This is a great idea to have dog owners participate in their own words about their dogs breed. We all have some useful info that needs to be past on to other owners with the same breeds. As they say…. there’s always more to learn…

I think DogZoom is a GREAT idea!!!
Congratulations and good luck!

Dogzoom is a very good idea and i’m sure that many dog lovers will visit this wonderful site when it is up and running ;o)
We are many who can not wait for it to come online ;o)

Greethings from
Kristine Genning
Kennel Proud Danish Dobermann

standard brown poodle

Good idea !!

Federico Baudin
Castro-Castalia Bullmastiffs

Great idea this new web.
Gregorio Verano
Breeder Spanish Mastiff (Mastín Español)

A great idea and that can unite breeders and individuals in this website.

De Los Duendes Zahories Kennel
Your Illusion, Our Passion
Joaquín Sánchez-Almadén Subías
Breeder West Highland White Terrier in Spain.

I like your idea!

Breeding of Mastin de los Pirineos and Saint Bernards.

Isten ostora kennel, Slovakia

Nice idea! Looking forward to see it growing!:)
Impala kennel, Romania


Let’s see the site ! I just wait to enter !
Kennel “de Lupi Albi” Bucharest Romania

Excelenta idee.As vrea sa contribui cit mai mult la reusita acestei idei.Te rog sa-mi spui concret cu ce te pot ajuta.Eu sunt crescator de ciobanesti belgieni TERVUEREN,cu canisa recunoscuta de FCI.Astept raspuns

Very good idea and good job, i hope the best for the future!
Good luck!
“Des Terres d’Europe” Kennel’s. France
Dogo Canario & Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Hello! As I mentioned above we own the site and the dog in those pictures. Everything you need you can find it there. It is not only our dog’s site but it’s dedicated to the Leonberger breed, not very popular but that is why we militate for. Good luck!

Pajor Noémi , Hungary
Von Harga kennel
Hannoveri véreb

Jack Russell terrier Barna-völgyi kennel Magyarország, Székesfehérvár Gimesi Szilvia

Tornai Vajda Zsófia
Kennel of Manuchao
Labrador retriever kennel
Magyarország, Dunakeszi

DogZoom is a good idea! Good luck!
Mariana & Daniel Murarescu
HUNTING TROPHY Kennel – Romania
German Shorthaired Pointer

Tóth Aliz
Tibeti masztiff
Asrama kennel
Magyarország, Dunaföldvár

Wishing you the best of luck with the new site. Maybe you can help us make the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog a more generally known breed.

hungarian short-haired pointing dog, rövidsz?r? magyar vizsla
nem vagyok tenyészt?
rajongó vagyok 🙂

Une excellente idée, un travail de titan.
Bravo et bonne continuation à ce site
J’ai des Cane Corso en France “Le Bois d’Aquilas”

I’m happy to be a part of this new born site and I hope that it will be something we can use online. I wish you all the best and Good Luck with the future work to get it ready.

What a great idea! I’ve submitted my article in hopes of being published. Best of luck in this endeavor – I will be following DogZoom! =)


Danielle K Bingham

A really good initiative!!
My breed is the Afghan Hound. ZINDEHSJAH’S AFGHANEN – of original Beauty
Good Luck!

A really good ideia!!!
My breed is the Rafeiro do Alentejo also known by Alentejo Mastiff
Good Luck!!!

Great idea,I look forward for when it will be ready!

Kennel Van de Bollert, Holland
Breed: Mastin de los Pirineos

A verry good idea and a big work.
Best wishes.
Great Dane Kennel “di Casa Aaron” in Italy

Una gran idea, espero que el portal funcione bien y consigáis alcanzar todas vuestras expectativas.
Afijo: Gaspalleira
Razas: Mastín del Pirineo y Jack Russell Terrier

Sok sikert és jó munkát a DogZoom dolgozóinak.
A Cherokee Dragon-Amerikai Akita kennelt?l,Szatai Zoltán.

I’m Natalia chihuahuas Herederos del Olimpo.
We breed short-haired chihuahuas.

Nagyszer? ötlet a Dogzoom , szívesen fogom használni.Remélem sok új barátra találok itt.

Táncoslábú Silver Schnauzer p&s Kennel
Sok sikert a munkához!

Love this forum a good way to get in touch with other breeds and breeders in different countries.

I have been breeding Jack Russell Terrier for 15 years dogs for
show & Working bred from the UK import we have from most esteemed Show kennels.

Thanks for a nice forum…
Susan & Noble Knights Jack Russell Terrier

The dogzoom concept is great and it is such an interesting idea to have the dog breed characteristics plus owners’point of view as well. This can be very helpful for people wanting to chose a new dog. Excellent initiative!
Congrats and the best of luck!! Rosaly Torvnes

Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Power of Darkness Kennel
Ibolya Kiss

A verry good idea and nice website
Kaleido Star kennel (collie, sheltie, aussie)
Judit Balázs

Dumm-Dumm-Bulldog francia bulldog kennel
Zeitler Enik?
5661.Újkígyós, Hosszú u.101/1.
Meoe által képesített tenyészt?

You’re doing a great job – congratulates

Definitely a great resource for newbies… You explained well every point your raised in this discussion.Thanks for the concise and encouraging info.

Perfect site you have. Congrats!

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