Breed Info Challenge Results

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We are happy to announce that the winner of the Breed Info Challenge is Petra Kantola from Finland, who submitted 4 breed infos herself and referred another 5. Congratulations Petra and thank you for your enthusiastic participation! We will update this post with a photo of Petra and her  prize, the €400 digital camera, as soon as she collects it. Congratulations and a big thank you to every submitter whose breed info has been accepted. Their prize is a FREE LIFE TIME PEMIUM MEMBERSHIP on DogZoom.

We received many submissions in 10 different languages, which, we believe, reflects the power of our international community. It is also a demonstration of Your selfless willingness to help a good cause. We are rewarding submitters with valuable prizes, but the ultimate reward of your contribution is the pleasure of improving dogs’ lives.

By building this gigantic breed info resource base, we are giving future dog owners a chance to learn about different breeds and chose the one best matching their lifestyle. As a result, there will be fewer stray dogs and more happy families in the world. This is our ultimate reward.

Although the Breed Info Challenge is now officially over, we will continue to work hard to complete this enormous resource base in more than 20 languages containing the description of 360 breeds. Your contribution is and will always be welcome.

Buying a puppy

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We received a mail from a young lady in Germany with details of her doubts and the difficulties she keept running into trying to buy a dog. It was not the first time we have heard what a challenge such a supposedly simple action can be.  We thought we should share this with our community and see if you went through the same hassle or found a way around it.

Her first problem was deciding about the right breed for her family. She was concerned about the dog being left alone during the day and above all the safety of her children. She spent days researching the internet and found that there was no single website, which could provide all the information she needed to make a responsible decision. She had to visit lots of different sites and put the bits and pieces of information together to come near to chosing the right breed. After this tedious process, she still was not absolutely sure so she decided to play it safe and get a Labrador, which is well known for its friendliness towards people and children.

Once she had the breed chosen, it was time to find a trusted breeder and the right puppy. She had no clue how to start, where to look. She asked around her friends, but had no positive response. Then she went online and found a myriad of ads offering puppies for sale, but she could not find one that she would feel comfortable buying from. As she was searching, she bumped into an article about nigerian scammers which made her even more reluctant.

She was about to give up when she got a call from a friend of a friend recommending a reputable breeder. She bought the puppy, and the family is very happy about it, but their difficulties did not end here. They had trouble finding a veterinarian in the are and they didn’t know who to ask for advice on dog food and training.

Have you had similar experience?

As this story proves, buying a puppy may not be as simple and easy as it seems. Please share your experience whether buying your puppy was really hard or easy so that future dog owners can learn from your it!

The Breed Info Challenge Extended!

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Due to the high number of submissions even on the last day of the Breed Info Challenge, we have decided to extend the deadline and give more of you a chance to win the FREE LIFETIME PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, the €400 Digital Camera, one of the 5 DogZoom cups or one of the 10 floating chairs!

The FREE LIFETIME PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP on DogZoom is automatically yours when your breed info is accepted. Available for the first 100 submitters only.

The €400 Digital Camera goes to the person who submits or refers the most breed infos (Referring means that you invite a friend to participate and your friend mentions your name when submitting. Both yours and your friends’ score increases.)

The cups and floating chairs will be given to people who submitted a breed info and commented on this post on a random basis.

The extended Breed Info Challenge will end 28th February, but we highly recommend that you submit your breed info as soon as possible, because the memberships are given away on a first come first served basis.

Feel free to contact Tibor Berényi with your questions and feedback!

Update on The Breed Info Challenge

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We have received and keep receiving great submissions in many different languages. Thank you all for your enthusiasm! As you can see below, we have a couple of extremely keen participants who have submitted or referred more than one breed infos.

We are thrilled by your positive attitude, so we have decided to give a €400 worth digital camera to the person who submits or refers the most breed infos on top of the previously announced prizes. Currently Petra Kantola seems to be in the lead as she submitted 4 breed infos in two languages.

You still have a chance to catch up with her and win the digital camera, all you need to do is submit your breed info and invite as many friends to participate as possible. When your friend submits and mentions you as referral, both yours and your friend’s score increases. Hurry up though, as you only have 5 more days before the challenge ends!

The Breed Info Challenge

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DogZoom is coming soon and we want to bring you the most comprehensive Breed Info section containing the general description of 360 breeds in as many languages as possible. We realize that this huge undertaking will only come true with a community effort.

This is why we invite you to take part in the Breed Info Challenge and describe the breed(s) you have a passion for.

What will you and the dog world get out of this?

  • The first 100 participants will get a LIFE TIME FREE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP on DogZoom.
  • Your name will be published along with your Breed Info, proving your expertise and dedication.
  • A massive resource base will be created to serve the millions interested in dogs.
  • Win some awesome gifts!

Before jumping in, get a taste of DogZoom and the Breed Info section where your submission will be published. If you are up for the challenge, have a look at the prizes below and click on the big orange button to get started.

Prizes to win

The first 100 submitters automatically receive their LIFE TIME FREE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP. On top of that,  we are giving away 5 DogZoom mugs and 10 floating chairs in the course of the Challenge. Winners will be selected randomly from participants who submit a breed info and post a comment below.



Get Started

Please note:

  • The Breed Info Challenge ends with 31st January 28th February 2010.
  • Floating chairs and cups will be given away if we receive at least 100 submissions.
  • Winners will be determined by a random generator.
  • The free life time premium membership applies to approved submissions.
  • Only participants who submitted their Breed Info and posted a comment can participate.
  • Make sure that you fill your e-mail in the comment field correctly, so we can contact you afterwards.
  • Name and country of residence of winners will be shown on this blog.

Dog or Human?

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“As a result of the latest technological developments, turning dogs into humans will soon become a reality…” This might have been an appropriate line to start this post with if we were to prepare the ground for some kind of a sensation. Fortunately, that is not the case. However, this idea may not be as far fetched as it sounds. Can it be possibly true that dog owners have started the process of turning dogs into humans already? Let us see where the truth lies.

Dogs Treated as Humans

Dog or Human?

Leo, the Neapolitan Gangster Mastiff. Contribution of Steve Palmer.

There are lots of myths around in all fields of life. Let’s take a look the most widespread misconceptions in the dog world that tend to polarize public opinion.

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Born to be a star

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Super Model French Bulldog

Super Model French Bulldog

Why is Dog Man’s best Friend?

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To answer that question, first we have to look into how and why dogs became man’s best friend in ancient times several thousands of years ago.

Dog with a BoyIn ancient times dogs and humans both had to overcome the challenges of finding food and keeping warm to stay alive. Man probably had an advantage because he discovered how to harness the warmth of fire and being omnivorous he could gather food as well as hunt. On the other hand dogs’ only source of food was hunting because they were predators.

When the weather got really tough, freezing temperatures drove dogs close to humans as they had fire to keep them warm. Even if early dogs looked at man as food they quickly learned that they could not keep the fire alive, they needed people to do that. Also, the pray that man caught for food contained parts, for example bones, that were indigestible for humans, but dogs ate them with pleasure.

As humans got used to having dogs around they must have noticed dogs’ outstanding abilities and started using them in their hunting quests. This cooperation seems to have benefited both races greatly.

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How to use community sites to your advantage

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In recent years most internet users realized the significance of online communication and cooperation. Still, many of us could benefit from a summary of how to make the most of online communities.

1. Your contribution is appreciated

By taking part in discussions and answering questions you help the whole community. At the same time you encourage others to contribute too.

2. Rate other members’ contributions

Whenever you rate a photo, video or comment on a community site, you make it easier for other people to differentiate between valuable and less valuable information.

3. Have a question? Feel free to ask

Use your community as a resource. The best way of getting answers to your questions is consulting people within your community. Even your most difficult questions can be answered this way, especially if you are an active contributor.

4. Share your knowledge and experience

You can increase your authority and recognition in your community by sharing your own experience related to specific issues.

5. Make friends, interact with people

The more friends you have on a community site, the more likely it is you will get help when you need it.

6. Upload photos

Don’t be shy to show what you are proud of. Pictures of your dog will make a lot of other dog lovers happy.

+1 Find the golden mean

It is easy to find yourself immersed in the world of community sites. Hours can pass by without taking notice of it. As long as you spend more time with your dog outdoors than you spend in front of the computer, you are safe.

What is a community?

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A community is a group of people living in the same geographical location, working to achieve a common goal or sharing the same interest. A prerequisite of any community is that its members have something in common. Most of the time however, our participation in communities is not the result of conscious decisions. For example, we just happen to be born British, American or Hungarian which is our national community. Our participation in professional or informal communities is the result of a series of accidents more often than our own choice. With the advent of virtual communities this is about to change. We get to chose which online communities we want to be part of.

Virtual Communities

Online communities have some big advantages over traditional communities. One of these is that geographical obstacles are eliminated and therefore the size of an online community is only limited by the technology it uses.

Another advantage is that we get to chose how much we reveal of our true identities and have the option to stay anonymous. We should always keep in mind though, that uploading pictures of ourselves and providing as much information as possible will increase our chances of making new friends and getting help when we need it.

A third advantage of online communities is that we can share our experience, take part in discussions, learn new things, find answers to specific questions and get immediate feedback without leaving the comfort of our homes.

Why contribute?

More and more online communities spring up that are built around specific fields of interest. A dog community for example provides its members with an opportunity to find the answer to literally any question about dogs. This will of course only work if people contribute to the community. By contributing you not only help the whole community, but you also help yourself as you gain recognition. The more you contribute the easier it becomes for you to use the resources of the community when you need to.

The global dog community that we are building here at DogZoom is based on these very principles. We want to create a knowledge base which allows you to find answers to all your questions in one place in your own native language without having to search the web for hours. The availability of shared knowledge and understanding of dogs will lead to improved dog breeding and ownership.

Join our community to help people, dogs and yourself!